A former Press Photographer in London, my business covered a broad range of disciplines; from the Academy Award's to a PR campaign, fashion, corporate, political and Royal.

As a Features photographer on the Daily Telegraph and later, a staff photographer with the Press Association, the UK's foremost news gathering agency; I was able to capture news, celebrities and sporting events in a highly competitive environment. It was a fantastic opportunity to record history as it happened.

With my increasing interest in film, I started working freelance principally to pursue my enthusiasm for cinema. I've worked for 20th Century Fox, Columbia Tri-Star, BAFTA and a sprinkling of independent film companies. I have travelled all over the world on assignments including trips to the Arctic, which were incredible, a hugely exciting and rewarding time in my life.

My photographic interests have evolved over the last decade and my time is now divided between gardening, nature & wildlife, and sharing special memories with people, especially Weddings.

My style has a reportage feel with none of the 'stiff' formal portraiture associated with traditional wedding photography. I often shoot a balanced mixture of both colour and black & white. However, the client's needs and preferences always come first. My photography is always relaxed and informal. My primary intention is to end the day with stunning and beautiful images. I have never thought of photography as a job, more a vocation.

My passion for photography exists through my images.

Will Conran